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RV Resort Dynamic Site Pricing

Skyware Hospitality Solutions Proudly Offers the Best Dynamic Pricing for Campgrounds

Dynamic Site Pricing is the RV Resorts and Campgrounds name for Revenue Management Systems (RMS) also called “Yield Management,” - a term coined by Robert Crandall, former chairman and CEO of American Airlines in the 1980’s. Crandall called RMS, “The most important technical development in transportation management since airline deregulation.” It is now widely used in all sectors of the hospitality industry including airlines, hotels, and rental cars.

The main purpose of Dynamic Pricing is the ability to capture revenue not otherwise earned by automatically fluctuating rates based on occupancy rules. It is based upon the open market law of supply and demand - when a commodity is scarce and demand is high, the price rises. And, when a commodity has excess supply and demand is low, the price decreases.

So, how does this work in RV Resorts and Campgrounds?

Every RV Resort and Campground – just like a hotel, airline, or rental car agency has a limited amount of supply, in the case of RV Resorts and Campgrounds, it is the physical sites to rent. Once the sites are all sold, there is no more revenue to be had. Customer demand varies based upon the day of the week, season of the year, and the events being held locally. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume, people will gladly pay a higher rate when demand is high. And they will expect to pay a lower rate (or go to a competitor) when demand is low.

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Skyware’s Campground Dynamic Pricing provides RV Resort operators the ability to automate pricing and earn maximum revenue during peak travel season!

With our Campground Management Software Dynamic Site Price feature, the property owner can set up rules that increases (or decreases) pricing by a fixed amount (or percentage) based upon the total occupancy percentage for that category. For example, the labor-day weekend is a high demand weekend for a RV Resort or Campground. Customers may book reservations far in advance and many campgrounds sell out in weeks if not months. With Skyware’s Dynamic Site Pricing, RV Resort operators can set up a rule that says, the stated price of $70.00 for a RV site is available when the total occupancy is less than 50%. When reserved occupancy exceeds 50%, the price automatically increases to $75.00 a night. And, if the occupancy exceeds 60%, the price increases to $80.00 night continuing until the occupancy level for that category reaches 95%. The amount of the increase and the level of occupancy is completely customizable.

Since all of this is automatically done by the reservation system, the property owner never needs to make an adjustment to the system. Pricing for all sites are tracked and available to any employee making an inquiry. With an integrated online booking engine, real-time inventory, and rate pricing flexibility, all property site data is available on a minute-by-minute basis. RV Resort Dynamic Pricing, one of many key features that helps Skyware Hospitality Solutions provide the best PMS Software for campgrounds.

What Do People Have to Say About Skyware Hospitality Solutions?
Buttonwood, PA is a family owned and operated campgrounds in Pennsylvania and offers cabins, tent sites, and 240 RV sites to guests from all over the Northeastern part of the United States. Since 2014, Buttonwood has used Skyware RV Resorts and Campgrounds Software to manage all of their operations. “We met Skyware at a state campground convention and found out that they have one of the most comprehensive packages available.” Ryan McFarland, General Manager stated. “We use Skyware’s Property Management System, Activity Scheduler, and Point of Sale (POS) applications. We love the remote operation capability of Skyware Campground Property Management System.” McFarland continued. “I can be at home or away from the property and still manage day-to-day operations. I can confirm reservations, make payment deposits, review operational reports, check in to see the reservations for any day in the future and correspond to any guest’s inquiry or changes.”

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